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Ruby Hill Winery

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Can indeed be delightful! Today at Fetefull we are working on some very special weddings and a brand new website. Please excuse us while we curate our amazing photos, stories and advice from the past year. In the meantime, please email us at info@fetefulldesign.com to learn more about our services.

Ruby Hill Winery

We heart Nghiem and Tina and were excited to be a part of their wedding at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery in Pleasanton. It was a Vietnamese Buddhist Wedding with both reception and ceremony held on site.

The ceremony was first held in a smaller room which was adorned with over 100 candles. The Buddha centerpiece was surrounded by several dozen votive candles enclosed in square vases and framed in white drapery. The aisle was also lined with white candles of various heights.

The challenge in the reception space was to make the ball room with a capacity of 500 sit-down more intimate for a party of 200 people. 

We brought the room in using drapery and faux sheet screens and strategically placed lighting illuminated the center drawing the eyes inward. 

Everything was custom as cranes and flamingos were significant to the couple so our designers bejeweled custom birds for the events. 


We provided complete flower decor and also custom made all the vases. 

Even the seat covers were hand sewn by our team.


When Mr. + Ms. L invited us to be a part of their wedding at Nestldown, we were ecstatic! Nestldown is an inherently beautiful property. Typically, at Nestldown, the ceremony is held outdoors by the water whereas the reception is held inside the barn house. But in our case, the bride wanted to reverse the locations to have the reception held at the water and the ceremony to be conducted inside the barn.

One of the challenges of having the ceremony inside the barn is the property restriction of not having anything tacked to the walls or hanging from the ceiling and absolutely no candles. So we took advantage of the natural light by pulling back all curtains and centered the focal point along the aisle with pillars wrapped in red fabric, topped with seasonal flowers and accented with tall branches. We used the same color scheme to adorn the altar but used different flowers for visual dimension.

The challenge with having the reception outdoors by the water was that although it could fit 120 people in straight rows, it wasn't meant to accommodate 120 people seated around 12 large round tables. However, what our brides want, they get. We worked and worked and re-worked the seating arrangements and got creative with customizing and re-sizing a few tables and voila, everyone fit with room for the servers to move around freely. We were determined!

We custom sewed and designed both table sheets and runners and alternated between two similar yet different flower centerpieces for dimension. Seat covers were also customized and we also suspended rose pom-poms from the gazebo that housed the wedding cake.