About Us

About Us

Fete-full Design House specializes in the stunning. Our clients come to us for custom tailored, hand crafted events. We cull your ideas, priorities and inspirations into a cohesive, envy-inspiring visual that is as one-of-a-kind as your love story.

What We Do

We are purveyors of pretty.

From intimate gatherings to weddings to corporate events, we architect your events to be visual masterpieces and can design and install….

Ceiling Treatments & Stage Design | Floral Art | Specialty Linens & Wall Treatments | Lighting Design | Favors & Dessert Presentations | Table Accessories | Floral Sculptures | Foyer Enhancements | Public Exhibits | Corporate Events | Fundraisers | Private Events

Who We Are

Once upon a time, we answered a neighbors request to help “prettify” her wedding. Ten years, infinite flowers, thousands of yards of fabric, and hundreds of design-happy clients later, we decided a name was needed to convey our almost religious veneration for beautifully designed celebrations. Thus, FETEFULL was created.

Flower Artisan
Practical Visionary

Thuy has a rabid need for originality. Her creations have ranged from 10 feet tall elephants of roses greeting guests to dainty ballerina centerpieces of peonies. Her specialty lies in fusing weddings of different traditions and faith backgrounds. Tell her your dreams and she’ll help you  dream even bigger. 

Origami Master
Lead Event Ninja

Lance deals on a higher mathematical realm when keeping large teams of designers, carpenters and welders on track for production efficiency. What Thuy dreams up, Lance creates. While you mingle with guests, Lance and his team will sneak onto venues, raise themselves to ridiculous heights to hang drapery, assemble stages and faux walls, and at the end of the night, dismantle, clean and disappear, leaving everything in apple pie order.

Romantic Comedy Addict
Adobe Illustrator Nerd

Thi is the strategist who will respond to emails and inquiries with her mad typing speed. A master at both planning and design, Thi is the liaison between you and our designers. After speaking with you and learning what makes your heart swoon, she will wield her Adobe Illustrator prowess to present you with a detailed, end to end inspiration board to ensure that YOUR vision will be represented on your special day.